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       from a dream to reality...       



Angel Consultants Inc was founded in 2007.

The goal for ACI was to help the disadvantaged, the ailing or vulnerable population. Both Doc and Head Angel Sandy are healers and really want to help any way they can. Soooo...ACI was formed. In 2009 Colorado opened up the medical marijuana industry and by 2011 and many discussions and a leap of faith, they joined the movement. Doc jumped in first paving the way for he and Head Angel Sandy.  Starting at the bottom Doc quickly learned the ins and outs of the industry. By 2012 Doc was on his way to growing and managing some of Colorado's largest grows and dispensaries.  Doc and Sandy both believed in the natural healing properties of cannabis and as Doc progressed through the industry so did his knowledge of the values of Cannabis. Soon he was working with clients and patients across the front range helping people find the right cannabis combination to help what ailed them. "Doc" was born. Doc's experience in the industry didn't just encompass the plant aspect but also included his technical knowledge of growing, grow design, lighting design, internal environmental control along with overall management and team building.  In the winter of 2015 Head Angel Sandy and Doc partnered with 2 small farms in Brighton CO and launched their first two CBD Crops in the spring 2016.  Angel Tears, Angel Kiss and Angel Paws were immediately launched upon completion of the first harvest in the fall 2016.  Since than  they have added several more products to the Angel CBD line. Doc and Head Angel Sandy continued their hard work in the industry working with as many as 250 clients in 38 states along with a few chiropractors and some local businesses! In the fall of 2019 sales grew and the company needed our Head Angel Sandy full time. It was at that time she left her city job with the local government and joined Doc, Ryan and Aitana in the field.  Each year ACI and the team gets bigger and better results from Honalee (the farm).


  Doc and Head Angel Sandy continue to progress through the CBD Industry with as much gusto as they did when first launched. Unlike most other CBD companies their phones are always on and they are ready and willing to help any way they can.  

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